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Agent Bios

Marty and Beth Davis

As the owners of Colonial Travel Agency, Marty and Beth Davis are delighted to meet each of our clients.  It thrills us to know our clients are seeing the world and all it's beauty!  We also love hearing about your adventure and seeing pictures of your travels.

We have seen many part of the world; even lived in Israel for a year.  We recently took a European cruise to the Scandinavian countries.  The architecture and wonders of Europe are amazing!  We always enjoy the Caribbean as we have been on 10 cruises in the past 5 years.  Every year we look forward to planning out travel destinations to have first-hand experiences to better serve our clients.

We enjoy family times with our sons and grandsons, fishing, gardening, boating and cooking!  What do you enjoy?  What is on your "bucket list"?

Can we be of service to you? 


Cathi Palm

Cathi has been with the agency since 1987.  Cathi graduated from SST Travel School and is also credited in business and accounting at Mt. Hood Community College.

Cathi organizes numerous travel groups to Europe.  Her exciting tours have taken her throughout Europe and Russia.  She has escorted tours to England, Scotland and Ireland.  The Scandinavian countries were a highlight, as we visited Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.  The Alpine countries were scenic with the Matterhorn in Switzerland, the quaint village of Salzburg, Austria, the Christmas Village of Rothenburg, Germany and the picturesque Italian Dolomites in Northern Italy.  Tours were also taken to the Mediterranean. 

In addition to all the wonderful tours, her real passion is cruising!  Cathi has escorted 23 cruises to Northern Europe, the Baltic countries and extensive cruises in the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, New England, Canada, Panama Canal. Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Cathi counts it a privilege to work in the travel business and be a part of planning vacation and corporate travel for her clients.


Doris Fisher

Doris has been with Colonial Travel for nearly 15 years. However, you don’t usually see her at the office, as she works as an Independent Travel Consultant. She loves escorting private groups to international destinations, and has visited over 50 foreign countries. She tells us that some of her most memorable moments have been climbing the Great Pyramids of Egypt, walking the shores of Galilee and streets of Old Jerusalem, climbing Machu Picchu in Peru, exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia, walking on the Great Wall of China, and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. She also loves being a grandma to her 31 grandchildren, and travels frequently to visit them. When not traveling, she enjoys sewing, oil painting, and cooking. Doris can be reached by calling her directly at 503-775-1547.